Thank you for your interest in Throwback Books!

Our hand-made books are perfect for micro-chapbooks, novelettes, coloring books, choose your own adventures, illustrated tales, POP-UP!s and anything else you can think to send our way.  Genre is unimportant but we do heavily favor the experimental over anything else.  Keep submissions under 48 printed chapbook pages (think 24 double-spaced pages for stories, 40 short poems) and please know a personalized response with limited feedback can take up to 2 months--- though it usually occurs within 3 weeks.

Any longer works can be submitted through the Novelette link below but be aware that we only accept one novelette each year.

If we decide not to use your submission, please wait 6 months before submitting again.  

A glimpse of our taste would be the following authors we enjoy: Jesse Ball, Blake Butler, Lindsay Hunter, David Markson, Mary Miller, Shane Jones.

Please be aware of the following if your book is chosen for publication:
  • Pay is 10 contributor copies until the book breaks even (usually halfway through the print run), then all profits are split in both tangible and digital mediums.
  • Author will be expected to promote the book in tandem with Throwback Books' efforts.
  • Although input on the aesthetic is encouraged, all final decision on the books design default to the editors.
  • Additional print-runs of each title is dependent upon sales.  After the demand for the tangible has waned, a unique digital version of the book will be available at a greatly reduced price in .pdf and iBooks with audio/video imbedded.
Please read the size limitations listed above.  

A personalized response with limited feedback can take up to 2 months (though usually occurs within 3 weeks).

We are looking to put out adult coloring books--- or a pop-up book.  Or a choose your own adventure built inside intricately folded origami animals... or something.  Something absurdly difficult to produce that is, likewise, absurdly difficult to write well.  If you have a book that fits this, we would love to s!  

Please include any accompanying drawings or visuals you desire in .jpg or .pdf format. 

Thank you, in advance, for letting us read your work!

-Throwback Editors

Poetry Submissions should have a strong and cohesive aesthetic theme that a book can be built around (see our most recently published books for explanation).   We will not accept collections of randomized poems.  

Both editors have a strong love of fiction.  That said, most of our books have been books of poetry that have defied our expectations---  if you are going to submit poetry, please defy our expectations.

Sometimes the words don't stop in time for chapbooks.  If you have a slightly longer work, submit it here. 

Our desires in longer form are not a continuous story or a long series of shorts.  We are looking for the dramatically experimental that pushes style in both the way it is read as well as the way it is printed.

Please know that anything submitted in this category will have a greatly diminished chance of being accepted due to our printing limitations (1 per year), but-- when right work comes along --this is a size we love to publish and promote!
We are open to non-fiction submissions if they are experimental in content or allow for experimentation in the way they are printed.
Remember those folded paper games we all made as children?  Cootie catchers or chatterbox or whirlybirds or paku-pakus?  Whatever you call them, we would like to put together a compilation of them!  Write it as a micro-choose-your-own-adventure or a variable haiku maker or any other way no one has thought to do before.

Please label your submission so we know how it should read as it is used.  We suggest something along the lines of labeling each:

Exterior 1 thru 4.
Interior 1 thru 8.
Unfolded 1 thru 4.  

So that, in the end, there are 16 unique lines that will fit in the tiny space the Cootie Catcher provides!

Ever found an unsecured wireless printer while looking for wi-fi on your wireless device?  Doesn't it seem lonely on that list?  To us, it seemed to be calling out for something better.

To us, a typewriter is better.  So we created a .pdf for people to keep on their mobile devices to print out whenever they find a wireless printer--- a story of a printer wanting to be a typewriter.

We would love to offer other stories from the point of view of the printer for people to print out whenever they find some printer longing for attention.  If you have such a story, please submit it here!  There is no pay and it isn't a part of a publication, but we will promote it and try to get people to print it out at random.  It will need to be short enough to fit on one page and have a feasible enough format so that it can be typed on a typewriter.

We will likely only take one or two as it is a concept that can get old quickly, but we'll see--- maybe there is more to it than we can foresee.

Thank you for your submissions!

Throwback Books