Ever found an unsecured wireless printer while looking for wi-fi on your wireless device?  Doesn't it seem lonely on that list?  To us, it seemed to be calling out for something better.

To us, a typewriter is better.  So we created a .pdf for people to keep on their mobile devices to print out whenever they find a wireless printer--- a story of a printer wanting to be a typewriter.

We would love to offer other stories from the point of view of the printer for people to print out whenever they find some printer longing for attention.  If you have such a story, please submit it here!  There is no pay and it isn't a part of a publication, but we will promote it and try to get people to print it out at random.  It will need to be short enough to fit on one page and have a feasible enough format so that it can be typed on a typewriter.

We will likely only take one or two as it is a concept that can get old quickly, but we'll see--- maybe there is more to it than we can foresee.

Thank you for your submissions!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.